Work With Us

If you're interested in fundraising for a cause, consider working with us.  We're a registered non-profit corporation and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, which means that money donated through the Fund will not be counted as personal income, something that may occur if you try to run donations through your bank account.  Also, donors in the United States (and possibly elsewhere) can write the donation off on their taxes.

How it Works

After verifying that we can legally donate to the cause you want to support (see below), we can set you up as a subfund, and provide you with a Square reader and unique login, so that you can collect credit card donations.  Cash donations should be brought to a bank and converted into a teller check, before being mailed to us.  At the end of the fundraiser, we will cut a check to the recipient organization which you can then personally deliver, if you wish.

Who we can support

We can fundraise for any recognized non-profit organization.  We can not fundraise for indivudals or small groups, due to IRS regulations.  For example, we can fundraise for the Jimmy Fund, but we can't fundraise for an individual child with brain cancer. We may not fundraise for political parties or causes, and reserve the right to decline any fundraising campaign we do not believe would be in the spirit of the fund.  All donations must be approved by the board of directors.

Interested?  Write to for more details.