Poster Donation Drawing

As part of our new fundraising campaign (more info on this next week), we're going to be auctioning off three extremely rare (only 24 ever printed) oversized Friendship is Magic Season One posters, made up for San Diego Comic Con. Each poster has been signed by all the Season One voice actors, and comes with a letter of authenticity from The Hub.  A similar poster recently went for over $4,000 at the BronyCon Auction, but you can have one (possibly) for a mere $10.

How, how, you ask?  One of the posters will be auctioned on eBay, and one at Everfree Northwest, but we're reserving one just for you good bronies. Just make a donation to the Brony Thank You Fund between now and July 31st, and for every $10 you donate, you'll get one entry into a drawing to receive one of these amazing keepsakes (teenage Brony not included).  If you're going to donate more than $10, we'd prefer you do it in one fell swoop, because we keep more on a single large donation than on several smaller ones.

We'll draw the winner live (well, live via webcast) at midnight EST on August 1st, and make arrangement for shipping.  So go to it folks, press that friendly PayPal button at the upper left hand part of the page, and donate big!

Signatures on the poster:

Tara Strong
Andrea Libman
Tabitha St. Germain
Ashleigh Ball
Cathy Weseluck
Michelle Creber
Claire Corlett
Madeleine Peters
Richard Cox
Lee Tockar
Brenda Crichlow