How to Submit Music for the Thank You Ad

Now that we've gotten our final approvals from both The Hub and Hasbro for the Ad, it's time to get some backing music.  As promised, whomever we pick (or actually, whomever William Anderson picks) will get to work with the man himself to polish up their music for air.  Here's what you need to know and how to go about it:

First, grab the following files:

Raw AIFF audio of ad (30 seconds, no leader)

Video of ad with cut points, no music, 10 second leader

Video of ad with cut points, scratch music, 10 second leader

The first file has the final audio track with no music.  The second file is a video file with a 10 second leader which shows where the cut points occur in the video. The third file has a scratch music track, to give you a feeling for how the music is covering some of the audio imperfections.

What we want from you:

A 30 second composition that will work well with the ad, without overpowering the message.  We are open to any type of music from rock to classical, but you're going to have to make a really good case if you submit dubstep :-)

The composition should be submitted as a raw audio file with a 10 second leader of silence.  Any common audio format will be accepted.  You should place it somewhere downloadable, and send a link to the file to  We will select the top 20 tracks and send them to William Anderson, who will make the final decision.

Please do NOT submit:

  • Any work which contains, samples, or otherwise incorporates audio or musical score to which you do not have complete and total rights, or express written permission of the rights holders.
  • Any work which would be inappropriate for broadcast on a children's television network in prime time.

All submissions must be received by Midnight, August 2nd, Eastern time.  Good luck!