A True Brony Story of Vancouver

So, I took the family to the Pacific NW (by way of Chicago and Montana) for vacation this year.  We saw some incredibly beautiful scenery:


(That's Mount Rainier, BTW...)  But, since we were in the North West, we thought we'd make a little pilgrimage to Vancouver:


For those who don't recognize the address immediately, maybe this would help:


Now, since A) it was a Sunday and B) we were trying desperately not to be That Kind of Fan (the stalkery type), we didn't try to get in, and merely took a few exterior shots of the building.  From the outside, it's a pretty non-descript office building, except for a conspicuous horseshoe on one window:


However, if you zoom in and enhance...


Evidently, friendship is trolly...  But, in any event, this is all secondary to the most obscure MLP voice actress sighting EVER!  With time to kill in Vancouver before a Baroque music concert that night, we went to check out the Gulf of Georgia Cannery tour.


The cannery itself is an interesting look at the incredibly hard life of workers in the salmon and herring fishery industry.  It's been shut down for decades, but they give a good feeling for what it was like to work the lines.  Anyway, we got there a few minutes late for a tour and had to skip the introductory movie until the end.  It's a live action film about Jenny, a 10 year old school girl going to take a tour of the cannery.  Her father, who's father had worked as a fisherman, is bitter about the cannery because he never got to see Jenny's grandfather much because he was always working.  During the tour, Jenny slips away and encounters the ghost of her grandfather, who takes her on a trip through time to see how the industry evolved, and then gives her a journal to give to her father, that tells how much the grandfather loved being a fisherman, and Makes Everything Better (tm).

Pretty standard sappy film with early 90's hair and costumes, we were idly watching the credits and preparing to go when we saw:

JENNY:         Andrea Libman

So yes, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have a ghost fisherman grandfather...