Donor Recognition

Corporate Sponsors

The Fund is grateful to the following companies, who have made major monetary or merchandise donations.

The HubUltra-Pro

 Individual Donors

The following individuals have made significant donations to the Thank You Fund.

The Alicorn Circle (Donations of $2,000 or more):

Matthew Mol
David Pinkston
Benjamin Turner

The Twenty-Percenters (Donations of $1,000 or more):

Christopher Lobosco
Jeremy Sevey
Luke Longley
Marius Myrbakk

Derpy's Muffin Club (Donations of $500 or more):

Andrew VanSickle
Christian Yi
Daniel Gaichas
Kenneth McIntyre
Mark Seager
Philip Simpson
Sean Levine

Friend of the Fund (Donations of $250 or more):

Amy Rogers
Chris Russell
Chris Stevenson
Erik Ruggles
Fabian Schörg
Greg Strnad
J van der Holst
James Siler
Josh Harmon
Michael Lee
Michael Merriman
Raymond Welch
Sean Bryce
Snivian Moon
Spencer Koelle
Taft Ashcroft
Thomas Luke
Wei-cheng Tang