The Brony Thank You Fund exists to promote and collect donations to worthy charitable organizations, especially those centered around children. We have supported causes as diverse as Engineers without Boards and The Marine Toys for Tots Campaign. In 2013, we endowed the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts.

Our 2018 charitable partner is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


The Brony Thank You Fund is a non-profit corporation, incorporated in the state of New Hampshire. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity. The Fund is registered with the Attornies General in New Hampshire, California and Maryland as a public charity.

The officers of the corporation are:

President: James M. Turner
Vice President: Andrew Schwartz
Treasurer: William Sanders

The Fund maintains a five person board of directors, with James M. Turner as the chairman. The other board members are Sabrina Alberghetti, Amy Keating Rogers, Andrew Schwartz and Robert Harris.