Donors and Sponsors

We would like to thank our many generous donors and corporate sponsors who have made the Thank You Fund the success that it is today.

Corporate Sponsors

The following companies have offered discounts or direct financial support to the fund:


We are creating online surveys for free with the support from

Individual Donors

Donors who contribute $250 or more become Friends of the Fund. They receive occassional invitations to special events, as well as an enamel pin which serves as a lifetime discount button at conventions where we run our vendor discount program.

The Alicorn Circle (Donations of $2,000 or more):

Matthew Mol
David Pinkston
Benjamin Turner

The Twenty-Percenters (Donations of $1,000 or more):

Christopher Lobosco
Jeremy Sevey
Luke Longley
Marius Myrbakk

Derpy’s Muffin Club (Donations of $500 or more):

Andrew VanSickle
Christian Yi
Daniel Gaichas
Kenneth McIntyre
Mark Seager
Philip Simpson
Sean Levine

Friend of the Fund (Donations of $250 or more):

Amy Rogers
Chris Russell
Chris Stevenson
Erik Ruggles
Fabian Schörg
Greg Strnad
J van der Holst
James Siler
Josh Harmon
Michael Lee
Michael Merriman

Peter Olsen
Raymond Welch
Sean Bryce
Snivian Moon
Spencer Koelle
Taft Ashcroft
Thomas Luke
Wei-cheng Tang