Buy a Cool Pin and Help Kids With Cancer

We've all seen the news items about school kids being harassed because of being Bronies, and most of us have had personal experience with how admitting to like the show can cause people to (at a minimum) give us funny looks, or at worst assume that we're perverts. Many people don't like it when bronies talk about "coming out of the closet", because it seems to trivialize the experience that gays have when they go public, but the reality is that showing your pony pride can generate the same kind of blind prejudice that people's sexual preference or race or religion can. And honestly, if someone can't wear a Pinkie Pie t-shirt in public without being assumed to be a child molester, how are we ever going to come to terms with larger issues of bigotry and intolerance?

There's nothing wrong with being a Brony, quite the opposite. And the folks over at have come up with a elegant way to let people know you're proud to be a member of the herd, and that it's never OK to bully someone just because they like a TV show. The Brony Power Tail Pin is part of a new anti-bullying initiative that is starting, and they have generously agreed to donate a dollar to the Thank You Fund for each pin purchased. Better yet, take a picture of yourself wearing it and mail a copy to them, and they'll donate another dollar. That's $2 to charity for a $4 pin purchase!

In addition, they have gotten some of the some of the biggest names in pony (people like Amy Keating Rogers, Sibsy and Jim Miller) to hand-paint one-of-a-kind pony figurines, and will auction them off for the Fund later this year. You won't want to miss it!