What is the Fund?

The Brony Thank You Fund exists to promote and collect donations to worthy charitable organizations, especially those centered around children. We have supported causes as diverse as Engineers without Boards and The Marine Toys for Tots Campaign. In 2013, we endowed the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts.

Our 2018 charitable partner is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Upcoming Fund Events

May 18-20, 2018 Everfree NW
July 27-29, 2018 BronyCon

The Thank You Fund Enters a New Phase

Brony Thank You Fund IRS Exemption Letter

Since the first day that the Brony Thank You Fund had a web page, we've had verbage under our donation button that read:

The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated has applied to the United States Internal Revenue Service for registration as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.  If this application is granted, all donations to the Fund will become retroactively tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law.

If you look on the front page of our web site today, you'll see a very different message:

A Brony Guide to Fundraising (and Staying Out of Jail)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, nor a tax specialist.  Please consult a professional for more specific advice.

Here's a little brainteaser to start (or end) your day:

An Overdue Update

It's been a while since I've given a general update on the Fund, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to update everypony on how things are going.  The whole Las Pegasus debacle sucked up a lot of time, because although it wasn't officially a Fund project, we were heavily involved in a civilian capacity in the relief auction planning and execution.  Thankfully, we're on the other side of that mess, and can refocus on the bigger picture again.

Help Wanted

In an effort to work better with the regional fan groups and conventions, the Brony Thank You Fund is putting out a call for volunteers willing to act as regional directors for the Fund in the following geographic areas:

Our First Tax Filing

Not much to look at, but here's our first tax filing with the IRS.  Because we took in less than $50,000 last year, we get to use the ultra-short form.

IRS Form 990-N

End of the Year Finanial Wrapup

I know that reading balance sheets is probably not on your top fun activities for a holiday weekend, but as the end of the year rolls around, we'd like to let you know what happened to all the money you donated this year.  One of the things we hope sets the Fund apart from other brony charities is that we operate totally transparently, which is to say that our books are open and we don't try to hide any of the details of what we've been up to.

Would You Like to Represent Us at a Con?

We're a small group of people, and there are a lot of Pony Cons upcoming in 2013.  We can't make them all, but we'd like to have a presence at as many of them as we can.  If you'd be willing to man our table during the public vendor hours, talk about the Fund, take donations and sell our merch, we're willing to cover up to $200 in expenses (receipts required) for you to attend.  That can be convention memberships, hotel rooms, or travel costs.  We're a charity, so obviously we'd like to avoid paying out money unless we have to.

When the Ad Will Run

We have the schedule from The HUB of when the Brony Thank You Ad is scheduled next week (all times EST):

This are updated times for the rest of the week 

Lee Tockar Joins our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Thank You Fund is pleased as Berry Punch to announce that actor Lee Tockar (Snips, Steve Magnet, Mulia Mild on Ponies, along with many other roles) has agreed to join us in helping to guide the future operations of the organization.  Lee will be replacing Andrew Sheingold, a founding member of the board, who resigned last week.  We would like to thank Andrew for his work in getting the Fund off the ground. 

See the Ad and Win a Prime Poster at Canterlot Gardens

Hey everypony,   It's almost time for Season 3 to start (as far as we know, that is...)  That means that soon the Thank You Ad will be on the air.  We'll be showing it at closing ceremonies at Canterlot Gardens this week, then it will disappear until it airs live on the Hub sometime this fall.   While you're at CLG, stop by our table.  We'll be taking donations for the CalArts scholarship, selling the last of our awesome Pixelkitties exclusive posters, and raffling off one of the ultra-rare San Diego Comic Con posters that The HUB sent us.


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