What is the Fund?

The Brony Thank You Fund exists to promote and collect donations to worthy charitable organizations, especially those centered around children. We have supported causes as diverse as Engineers without Boards and The Marine Toys for Tots Campaign. In 2013, we endowed the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts.

Our 2018 charitable partner is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Upcoming Fund Events

May 18-20, 2018 Everfree NW
July 27-29, 2018 BronyCon

Big news!

Two pieces of big news to announce. Firstly, we have the designated charity for the advertisement, The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. This is a very high-profile, nationally known, and respected charity, and we're Pinkie Keen pleased to be associated with them.

Squeee! New Picture of my OC!

Ok, even as I spend most of my time being serious organizing person, I get to have a little pony fun every once in a while. The totally awesome D1st0rtedFate over on DA just sent me the final version of my OC (Coder, of course...). He is the BEST...POSSIBLE...THING....EVER!

Why the judging will not be public

One last note before I go to bed. I'm sure a lot of bronies would like everyone to vote on the videos that come in, and help select a final candidate. We can't do that for two reasons, one practical, one a matter of privacy.

My initial posting

Ok, I've managed to figure out how to set up blogging in Drupal, I'll be using this for my random status updates in the future. It's late, so I'll just mention that we crossed the $15,000 milestone tonight, we're about another $1,500 away from having the 501(c)(3) and a $1,000 donation to a charity paid for.

Happy mother's day, all.


Bringing a Little Passion to the Project

I've just gotten to enjoy having a dozen people or so comment-bomb the fundraising website, telling me what a bad idea it was. Especially enjoyable was the word "disgraceful."

First off, the major thing they're doing is harming charity fundraising, since we already raised the funds for the ad, so all they are doing is driving off people who would give funds toward our non-profit goals.

How to Submit Your Video for the Brony Thank You Commercial

Greetings, fellow brony! If you're interested in representing the entire brony community as we thank the makers of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there are a few procedures to follow, and a few things you should know:


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