What is the Fund?

The Brony Thank You Fund exists to promote and collect donations to worthy charitable organizations, especially those centered around children. We have supported causes as diverse as Engineers without Boards and The Marine Toys for Tots Campaign. In 2013, we endowed the Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship at the California Institute of the Arts.

Our 2018 charitable partner is the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.


Upcoming Fund Events

May 18-20, 2018 Everfree NW
July 27-29, 2018 BronyCon

A True Brony Story of Vancouver

So, I took the family to the Pacific NW (by way of Chicago and Montana) for vacation this year.  We saw some incredibly beautiful scenery:


(That's Mount Rainier, BTW...)  But, since we were in the North West, we thought we'd make a little pilgrimage to Vancouver:

We have a Poster Winner

Huzzah, the poster hath been decided!  Lucky brony Gary Littlejohn won with a $10 donation, and over $3,200 was raised in total towards our CalArts drawing.

How to Submit Music for the Thank You Ad

Now that we've gotten our final approvals from both The Hub and Hasbro for the Ad, it's time to get some backing music.  As promised, whomever we pick (or actually, whomever William Anderson picks) will get to work with the man himself to polish up their music for air.  Here's what you need to know and how to go about it:

First, grab the following files:

Raw AIFF audio of ad (30 seconds, no leader)

Poster Donation Drawing

Charities, charities and charities...

As the brony herd grows, so does the money floating around inside it.  That means more money for vendors, more money for special projects, and more money that is given to charities.  Unfortunatelty, it also is blood in the water, and will inevitably attract sharks.

One place where that could be especially problematic is for charity causes.  Part of the problem is that the average person doesn't understand the various types of charities that exist, and the tax and legal implications that go along with them.  That's something I'd like to address briefly here today.

Meet Our Spokesponies!

We've made the final selections for the Friendship is Magic fans who will appear in the ad this fall.  They represent both a nice cross-section of the show following, and solid role-models for kids.  So, without further ado: 

The Poster is Done!

Pixelkitties did an amazing job.  The OCs on the stage are each representitive of one of the groups that makes the show so awesome. Lauren's OC represent the writers and creators, Sibsy's Wildfire stands for the storyboarders and animators, the VAs and singers have Tara's OC as their representitive, the composers by Daniel Ingram's OC, and Jayson's OC is there for all the production staff.We're running one last mini-fundraiser, before we send out the order.  Donate $30 or more before midnight (EST) on June 13th, and we'll send you a poster.Coder

The Fund Takes the Next Step, and a Roughcut at BronyCon

Two important piece of news to report today.  Firstly, we have taken the next big step with the Thank You Fund, by filing our form 1023 with the IRS.  Within 4 to 12 months, if things go according to plan, we will become the first Brony tax-exempt charity, able to accept tax-deductible donations of goods and money.  We'll keep you up to date on the progress of our filing.

Has It Been 30 Days Already?

At 3AM Eastern time this morning, the first phase of the ad project came to a close, as our IndieGoGo campaign ended.  Over the last 30 days, we raised $16,516 directly on the campaign site (the counter is $60 high), and another $600 from direct donations, putting us just over $17K in gross revenue.

Our First Donation

This check is going out tomorrow morning to the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation. It is just the first of many we hope to spread amongst many worthwhile charities over the coming years.

Toys for Tots Check


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